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What Juice Can Help Kidney Disease Patients

2015-06-16 15:11| Font Size A A A

What Juice Can Help Kidney Disease PatientsDue to strict dietary restrictions, kidney disease patients may have trouble in choosing daily food and drinks. Here, we will give some useful information for a topic: what juice can help kidney disease patients? Sincerely hope you can get benefits from the following passage.

Compared to the healthy people, kidney disease patients need to modify their diet and drink plan along with changes of their illness condition. If you want to get the individualized diet plan, you can talk with our Online Doctor or email to or leave a message below directly and we will do our best to help you.

Pomegranate juice

Patients can gain stronger body and immunity from drinking pomegranate juice. As said by dietitians, pomegranate contains vitamin C more than apple. Besides, it also contains linoleic acid and folic acid. All of these nutritions have antioxidant property, so they can help protect remaining kidney functioning tissues and boost patients’ immune system.

Cranberry juice

Chronic kidney infection is a risk factor for chronic kidney disease. One way that cranberry juice helps prevent urinary tract infections is by making urine more acidic. Because bacteria grow best in alkaline environments, the acid helps keep bacteria from thriving.

Beet juice

It is reported that beet juice has an excellent healing property for kidney damage. That is to say, when kidney functioning tissues are damaged, beet juice is able to prompt the restoration of impaired kidney cells. From this point, beet juice indeed can help improve kidney function. In addition, it can help lower blood pressure, improve patients’ appetite, and help ease anemia.

After all, balanced diet plan just can help kidney disease to some extent. If you want to control kidney damage from the root, you should take active treatments and measures as soon as possible. Any questions, please do feel free to contact us!

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