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Can I Eat Cottage Cheese with Stage 4 CKD

2015-06-09 10:07| Font Size A A A

Can I Eat Cottage Cheese with Stage 4 CKDCottage cheese is a good source of protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, vitamins and so on, which play a significant role in keeping people’s health. “Can I eat cottage cheese with Stage 4 CKD?” patients have to consider the pros and cons of cottage cheese as they have strict dietary restrictions. Now, you will get detailed information.

To choose an friendly-kidney diet, nutritionists say you should consider whether the diet is low in phosphorus, sodium and fat from animal sources. As I mentioned at the very beginning, cottage cheese is rich in potassium, phosphorus and sodium, so patients should be careful when they eat the cheese, especially when you have the following conditions.

1. High blood pressure and swelling

Cottage cheese has a large amount of sodium which can aggravate high blood pressure and swelling. For Stage 4 CKD patients, they are more likely to suffer from these symptoms due to severe decrease of renal function. Therefore, patients must quit the eating cottage cheese so as to reduce kidneys’ burden and protect kidney from damage.

2. High phosphorus level

Stage 4 kidney disease patients are prone to suffer from high phosphorus level. From the point, they should not eat the cottage cheese due to its high phosphorus level; otherwise, it will increase kidneys’ burden and lead to further kidney damage.

3. High potassium level

Potassium plays an important role for keeping the heart healthy. However, for due to severe decreased renal function, the kidneys cannot keep potassium balancing, and kidneys also cannot remove extra potassium level from the body, resulting in high potassium level. Too much cottage cheese intake is dangerous for stage 4 kidney disease.

Of course, aside from the disadvantages of cottage cheese for kidney disease patients, stage 4 kidney disease patients also can get some benefits from the its properties like calcium, vitamins and protein. Above all, whether Stage 4 CKD patients can eat cottage cheese or not should depend on your illness condition. Any questions, please do feel free to contact our Doctor online or leave a message below directly.

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