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What Foods Should Be Avoided When Kidney Is Spilling Protein

2015-05-28 14:45| Font Size A A A

What Foods Should Be Avoided When Kidney Is Spilling ProteinProteinuria is one of common symptoms for those who suffer from chronic kidney disease. And it is a risk for kidney disease progression. What foods should be avoided when kidney is spilling protein?

Protein in urine is a sign of chronic kidney disease (CKD), which can result from diabetes, high blood pressure, and diseases that cause inflammation in the kidneys. Therefore, the eat plan should aim at protecting kidney from the further damage. There are several suggestions for your reference. Any questions, you can email to or leave a message below directly.

1. limit high-protein diet

Eating food that’s high in protein may contribute to further kidney problems or even failure. And maintaining a low-protein diet can also help decrease your body’s urinary protein breakdown and may be more beneficial. But it’s my duty to tell that you shouldn’t completely remove protein from your diet. Dietary protein us full of nutritional benefits that your body needs, and it’s always important to maintain a well-balanced diet.

2. reduce high-salt diet

You may need to restrict your sodium intake to manage common symptoms of your condition, like swelling or edema and high blood pressure or hypertension. Eating foods with high salt content and using table salt should be limited.

3. Reduce saturated fats and cholesterol

A diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol is recommended for people with kidney disease. This diet, combined with maintaining a healthy body weight, can help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and control your blood cholesterol levels.

4. Limit intake of phosphorus.

Sodium prevents your kidneys from removing phosphorus from the blood. High phosphorus levels in the blood can lead to weak and brittle bones-making them easier to break. Hence, be sure to limit your intake of dietary sources of phosphorus like dairy productsm, nuts and beans.

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