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Can People with CKD Drink Red Grape Juice

2015-05-19 12:00| Font Size A A A

Can People with CKD Drink Red Grape JuiceIf you happen to be a Chronic Kidney Disease patient, you must be told that you should be careful with what you eat or drink. Summer comes, red grape juice is very popular among people due to its tasty and refreshing as well as abundant nutrients. Well then, can people with chronic kidney disease drink grape juice? Now, let’ see.

Red grape juice is made from red grape which is rich abundant nutrients. Actually, whether kidney disease patients can drink the juice depends on their illness conditions. Generally speaking, kidney disease patients can get many benefits from drinking red grape juice.

Alleviate fatigue

In advanced stage of CKD, due to loss of kidney function, symptoms like fatigue can occur easily. In this condition, eating grapes or drink white grape juice can help keep iron and mineral levels balanced in the body.

Beneficial for kidney disorders

Grapes can reduce the acidity of uric acid effectively, in this way, it can help lower the workload of kidneys.

Control of blood cholesterol

Early research has shown that a compound named pterostilbene has the ability to decrease cholesterol levels.

Prevent heart attack

Some studies shows that red grape can help prevent blood clots and lower high cholesterol level, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Clear fee radicals

Grape contains a kind of powerful natural antioxidant which can help prevent aging, and clear free radicals.

Strengthen immune system

Vitamin C and vitamin E are good for improving immune system and protecting skin health.

Through the above analysis, we can see that grape juice have abundant nutrients to chronic kidney disease patients. But it is better to consult our Online Doctor or your healthy provider to ask how much red grade juice you can drink daily.

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