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What Food Can Be Eaten by Kidney Disease Patients

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What Food Can Be Eaten by Kidney Disease PatientsWhen diagnosed with Kidney Disease, your doctor will tell you can not eat this, you cannot eat that. Actually, there are many dietary restrictions in daily life. Well then, what food can be eaten by kidney disease patients?

Firstly, low potassium.

High potassium content of foods should be forbidden: all kinds of edible fungi, potato, Chinese yam, cabbage, date, bananas, oranges, white fungus, peach, apricot, spinach, rape, etc.

Secondly, low salt.

Salt content of foods: MSG, soda, cracker, fine dried noodles, soy sauce, etc.

Patients whose blood pressure is not stable or has severe edema should avoid salt. In general, every patient takes salt less than 3g every day.

Thirdly, low phosphorus.

High phosphorus content of foods: marine food product and marine plant such as seaweed, laver, animal's bowels, sesame, tea, honey, yolk, etc. You should limit these food according to your phosphorus level.

Fourthly, low fat.

Note: It is forbidden to use animal oil while cooking. Take vegetable oil mainly, do not take in fatty food. It is better for the kidney disease patients to have corn oil contained unsaturated fatty acid.

Fifthly, high quality protein.

Patients can take proper amount of egg white, milk and fine lean meat, the amount of intake should be less than 100g. Don't take every kind of nuts, such as peanuts, melon seeds and walnuts.

Last but not least, high vitamin. Take more vegetable and every kind of vitamin such as pear, apple, cucumber, tomato, etc.

The mentioned above is the general introduction of patients’ diet principles. After all, the diet plan should be individualized. If you want to get individualized diet plan, you can email us to or talk with our Online Doctors directly and we also do our best to help you.

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