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What Is the Best Enteral Feeding for Kidney Disease

2015-04-02 17:04| Font Size A A A

What Is the Best Enteral Feeding for Kidney DiseaseWhat is the best enteral feeding for kidney disease? Enteral nutrition refers to the direct delivery of nutrients into stomach and small intestines through a feeding tube. Nowadays, specialty enteral formulas have been developed for specific diseases including kidney disease.

There are several different types of renal enteral supplements to choose from, your doctor will determine the most appropriate formula for you.

Low-protein diet

Recommending a diet with moderate to severe protein restriction is one of the most common approaches to managing kidney failure. Too much protein intake will increase the damaged kidneys’ burden and worsen illness condition.

Low sodium diet

Restriction of dietary sodium is a common feature in diets designed to help mamage chronic kidney disease. Low-sodium is instituted to help control high blood pressure (hypertension) that is associated with the diseased kidney’s inability to excrete sodium normally.

Low phosphorus level

Alterations in phosphorus concentrations, calcium may also be altered in patients with chronic renal failure. While phosphorus most commonly increases, calcium concentrations may increase, decrease or remain normal.

High vitamins intake

Kidney disease patients are prone to suffer from a low immune system. Vitamins supplement is very necessary to strengthen immune system and increase immunity.

All in all, what you eat should focus on improving renal function and protecting kidney from the further damage. However, you should know simple diet just can help control the progression of some symptoms, but fails to repair kidney damage. Therefore, it is important to repair kidney damage and improve renal function from the root. Here, we introduce the treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, Blood Pollution Therapy and so on. You can email to or leave a message below directly.

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