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Is Mangosteen Juice Beneficial for Kidney Disease Patients

2015-03-09 09:53| Font Size A A A

Is Mangosteen Juice Beneficial for Kidney Disease PatientsAs kidney disease patients have many restrictions on daily diet, they should be careful when they choose something to drink and eat. It is well known that mangosteen is a rich-nutrient fruit which is favored by young and old people. Well then, is mangosteen juice beneficial for kidney disease patients?

Actually, some studies have shown that kidney function can be well improved after taking mangosteen. Of course, its juice also can help patients with kidney damage relieve some symptoms and control the progression of kidney disease to some extent.

what are the healthy benefits of drinking mangostten juice for kidney disease patients?


Inflammatory in kidney disease patients can lead to further health problems. On the contrary, kidney disease patients are prone to suffer from inflammation due to low immunity. Drinking mangosteen juice also has the function of fighting against inflammation.

Antioxidant effects

The function of an antioxidant is to fight against the free radicals that cause cellular damage and that have been implicated in the development of heart disease and cancer. Mangosteen juice is high in antioxidiants, especially the potent ones known as xanthones.

Prevent kidney stone

Mangosteen is very helpful in preventing and dissolving kidney stone. Mangosteen has alkaline properties, and that is beneficial in neutralizing the urine’s acidity, which is helpful in treating kidney stone. Thereby, if patients have kidney stone, mangosteen is a good choice to them.

Although it has so many benefits, you should also drink mangosteen juice with a right amount. Because too much xanthones intake will lead to acidosis. In addition, for Diabetic Nephropathy patients, they should also be careful because of sugar content in the juice.

As for how much you can drink the fruit juice, you should talk with your doctor or dietitian according to your illness condition. Or you can email to or leave a message below directly.

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