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What Can Kidney Disease Patients Eat with Anemia

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What Can Kidney Disease Patients Eat with Anemia“Eight patients have anemia among ten kidney disease patients.” Although it is exaggerated, it is near to the fact. Why do most kidney disease patients have anemia? How to treat anemia for kidney disease patients?

Why does anemia occur in kidney disease?

If kidneys are damaged, it will affect the secretion of EPO, which is the main cause of renal anemia. In addition, some wastes and toxins in blood can also affect production and metaboilism of red blood cells. Therefore, anemia becames a common complication for kidney disease patients.

Anemia caused by kidney disease will lead to ischemia and anoxia, thus worsening kidney disease. What’s more, it will also induce the other organs’ damage, especially for heart, which can threaten patients life.

What food is available for kidney disease patients with anemia?

1. Supply the enough the diet with rich hematopoietic elements. And it is also important to take high-quality protein and high-iron food. High-qualitty protein food include lean meat, fish, egg white, milk and so on; and the high-iron food contain pork liver, lean meat, pumpkin seeds, sesame, celery, Chinese-date, organges, fig and so on.

2. Patients with not enough gastric acid should have a proper acid-food intake, like food with rich vitamin C, so as to increase gastric acid. Then, gastric acid will translate the inorganic iron in the food into organic iron.

3. The diet plan should be different if the anemia is caused by uremia.

-limit intake of protein so as to reudce the kidneys burden.

-control salt inatke. When swelling is severe, salty foods should be avoided.

-supply enough fruits, vegetables, juces, so as to guarantee nutritions. Patients with less urination should have a low-potassium diet plan.

-avoid the spritis and greasy and spicy food.

In addition, patients should avoid tiredness and cold, prevent skin and oral infection. Besides, patients should limit intake of fluid. Of course, the Specific conditions should be specifcanalysis, if you or your loved one also has the similar condition, you can leave a message below directly and we can design personalized dietary suggestions to you.

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