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Why Onions Are Good for Kidneys

2015-02-24 11:39| Font Size A A A

Why Onions Are Good for KidneysSome patients just heard that onions are good for kidneys health, but do not know why. Please hold on, I will tell you answer in the following passage.

Onion is very common vegetable in our daily life and it has a mild spicy taste. Many studies have shown that onions do have many benefits for promoting overall health and kidney health as well. Because the properties in the onions are beneficial for kidney healthy.


Onion’s antioxidants include its hallmark flavonoid antioxidant, quercetin which also provide us with anti-inflammatory benefits. And they also can prevent the oxidation of fatty acids in our body.

Strengthen immune system

95% of kidney disease are caused by low immune system. Onion also has rich vitamin C and calcium which can promote immune system and enhance immunity.

Prevent cardiovascular diseases

A substance called prostaglidin A has the function of expanding blood vessels and reducing blood viscosity, which can prevent the appearance of thrombus. Besides, it also contains abundant onion, which can prevent the oxidant of low density lipoprotein and that provide effective protection if patients has atherosis.

Prevent infection

Infection is very dangerous for patients with kidney disease, because it can worsen illness condition obviously and fast. Fortunately, onions have bactericidin, which has strong bactericidal ability, so it can prevent infection effectively.

Other benefits like anti-cancer, aiding digestion, improving bone density and so on. Through the above analysis, we can see that onions are the good choice for promoting kidney healthy. But I have to stress that if the kidney damage has existed and your phosphorus level is high, you’d better to limit intake of onions due to its high-phosphorus content.

Actually, there are many other kidney-friendly foods in our daily life. If you want to know more, please be free consult us: talk about Online Doctor or leave a message below directly.

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