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Is Carrot Good for the Kidney Patient Whose Creatinine Is 9.10

2015-02-18 09:25| Font Size A A A

Is Carrot Good for the Kidney Patient Whose Creatinine Is 9.10Carrot is very a healthy and nutrient vegetable in our daily life and favored by the more and more people, including kidney disease patients. As we all know, kidney disease patients should keep cautious when they choose food and beverages due to some symptoms caused by kidney disease. Well then, is carrot good for the kidney patients with creatinine 9.10?

To be frank, creatinine level 9.10 is much higher than the normal range which means that your kidneys have been damaged severely. Facing so high creatinine level, dialysis is commonly used for lowering its level. Because the severe damaged kidneys cannot function effectively. In the condition, besides to medical treatment, dietary regulation is also important.

Actually, carrot is a good choice for patients with severe kidney damage. Because patients can get many benefits from eating carrot.

Lower high creatinine level

Carrot is a kind of rich-vitamin C vegetable, which has the benefits of improving the immune system and protecting kidney function. And this can help reduce the high creatinine level in blood for kidney failure patients.

Lower high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a common symptom of kidney disease and in turn high blood pressure can cause further kidney damage. One glass of carrot juice one daily is recommended for people whose blood pressure is higher than the normal, because it can help lower hypertension.

Reduce the risk of cancer

The cancer-fighting properties of carrot are thought to be excellent due to the high amount of beta carotene. Eating it in a right amount can reduce the risk of cancers including skin, breast and eye cancer.

In addition, there are also some other benefits of taking carrot juice for kidney failure patients, such as prevent cancer, anti-inflammation, anti-aging, improve the eyesight, etc, all these will be good for kidney failure patients.

But you should know simple diet is not enough tor reverse kidney damage from the root. Therefore, if you are looking for comprehensive treatment, please email us to or leave a message below directly.

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