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Can Kidney Patient Drink Black Tea or Green Tea

2015-01-19 09:30| Font Size A A A

Can Kidney Patient Drink Black Tea or Green TeaBoth black tea and green tea are common kinds of tea and may be loved by many patients. And they also have many benefits for human health. Well then, for kidney disease patients, are black tea or green tea still good for them?

With regard to this question, we cannot give you a definite answer. Because very patient’s illness condition is different from person to person. In some condition, you doctor allows you to drink black tea, you may be eager to know the reason. Indeed, kidney disease patient can get the following benefits for drinking black tea or green tea.

The benefits of black tea for kidney disease patients.

Black tea has the function of diuresis. The ingredient of black tea has the function of increasing blood flow to kidneys, improving glomerular filtration rate, expanding kidney microvascular and preventing the reabsorption of renal tubules, which will lead to the increase of urine. In the condition, excessive water and sodium can be excreted from the body, eliminating swelling to some degree. In addition, a proper intake of black tea can help patients strengthen bone health.


Black tea is also rich in potassium and phosphours. When your potassium or phosphorus levels in the test shows high, you should try to avoid black tea due to its high content of potassium and phosphorus. For an individualized suggestions, please talk with our Online doctors or leave a message below directly.

The benefits of green tea for kidney disease patients.

Green tea is beneficial for your kidneys following ischemia, a restriction in the supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients following a stroke or blood clots.

Green tea protects your kidneys from drug-induced toxins. Some studies show that green tea elevates the body’s antioxidant defense system, cleans up free radicals, lessens oxidative damage, and protects the kidneys against reserpine-induced toxicity.

Drinking green tea can help you prevent the development of kidney stones made from calcium oxalate crystals.

Through the above analysis, we can get a conclusion: everything has two sides and there is no exception with black or green tea. So an personalized suggestion is very important for kidney disease patients.

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