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Diets to Be Taken If Diagnosed with Renal Parenchymal Disease

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Diets to Be Taken If Diagnosed with Renal Parenchymal DiseaseWhat diets can be taken if I diagnosed with renal parenchymal disease? The question is very common among patients. Indeed, diet can influence patients’ healthy condition obviously.

What will happen if you are diagnosed with the kind of kidney disease?

Renal parenchymal disease refers that kidney disease appears and causes damage in their renal parenchyma which is one part of kidneys. As we all know, the kidneys are in charge of our internal body balance, and when it is damaged, patients may have metabolic disorders. The most common causes of renal parechymal disease are diabetes and high blood pressure. Besides, medicines, bacteria, virus, kidney stone, etc, are also common causes of renal parenchymal diseases. Genetic factor is not ignorable cause of the kind of kidney disease. Polycystic Kidney Disease is the typial example. All of them can induce many symptoms like anemia, edema, proteinuria, hematuria, cardiovascualr disease, hypertension, hyperfunction of parathryroid gland and so on.

According to analysis above, the food patients eat should be regulated. Namely, kidney-friendly diets are recommended to patients. If you do have other questions, please mail us to or leave a message below directly.

Low-protein diet

For the damaged kidney, too much protein intake will increase huge burden on the kidneys. Because extra protein will produce more wastes like urea, which should be filtered by the healthy kidneys. But what I want to emphasize is that you should take some foods with high-quality protein so as to supply essential nutrients, like lean meat, egg white, milk, and so on.

Low-sodium diet

Swelling is the common symptom for kidney disease patients, while eating much sodium can aggravate edema. In addition, it will worsen high blood pressure. You’d better avoid taking fast food, salty food like bacon, chips, etc.

High vitamins intake

95% kidney disease are caused by low immunity. Therefore, strengthening immune system is very important for preventing disease. Eating more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C is helpful for improve the overall health.

Limit intake of phosphorus and potassium.

Some patients with kidney damage are prone to suffer from high phosphorus level and high potassium level. In the condition, patients should pay attention to limit intake of these substances.

In addition to Diet Therapy, medical treatment is also essential. Here we do recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is an external therapy, and Chinese medicines will be transported into the diseased area directly by advanced osmotic technology, which can promote the effect of Chinese medicines. What’s more, the therapy also has many obvious effects in treating kidney disease, like anti-inflammation, anticoagulation, expanding blood vessels, etc. And these benefits can help make a well internal circumstance in kidney, which can help repairing patients’ damaged nephrons.

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