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Are Peanuts Bad for Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-12-22 11:05| Font Size A A A

Are Peanuts Bad for Stage 3 Chronic Kidney DiseaseStage 3 kidney disease is one of critical periods to take immediate treatment to control progression of illness condition. And they should pay special attention to their daily diet. Well then, are peanuts bad for Stage 3 CKD?

Stage 3 Kidney Disease is characterized by moderate decreased glomerular filtration rate (GFR) of 30-59ml/min. Patients do not feel obvious symptoms or discomforts until they enter into Stage 3 CKD. As we all know, our kidneys are important organs which are packed with numerous functions. The healthy kidneys are responsible for balancing electrolytes, discharging wastes from the blood and regulating blood pressure. However, once the kidneys are injured, a lot of symptoms will occur like creatinine level, poor appetite, frequent urination, edema and so on. For these reasons, peanut is bot a good choice for people with Stage 3 CKD.

1. High potassium level in peanut

Injured kidneys are easily causing high potassium level in your body. It is reported that there is 563.0g potassium level in 100g peanut. For stage 3 kidney disease treatment, if patients intake too many peanuts, then high potassium level will be elevated again. In the condition, it puts a strain on kidneys and worsen your health conditions.

2. High phosphorus in peanut

For patients, high phosphorus level will inhibit the absorption of calcium. What’s more, high potassium and low calcium level is the very common symptom for stage 3 kidney disease. In the condition, eating too may peanuts will induce some complications such as bone problems, heart problem and so on.

3. High in fat

Hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular disease is often to be seen in kidney disease. Peanut contains bad fats which have bad effect on heart health when you take excess peanuts.

Everything have two sides and there is no exception for peanuts. Eating too many peanut can discharge cholesterol out of body and avoid cholesterol accumulation in your body which can reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Proper and right diet is good for the overall health condition and also will not put strain on the kidneys. And if you do have no idea about what you can eat or not, you can mail us to or leave a message below for an individualized suggestion.

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