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Kidney Disease Diet Chart for Indian Food

2014-12-13 09:36| Font Size A A A

Kidney Disease Diet Chart for Indian FoodIndia is a nation that hosts a multitude of cultures, foods and languages. The morbidity of kidney disease has significantly increased in recent years, including India. Eating well is very important to maintain your health when you have kidney disease. Well then, what Indian food are good for kidney disease patients?

Some researches show that a plant-based diet slow down some complications of chronic kidney disease such as heart disease, protein loss in urine and the progression of kidney damage. Vegetarian diet is a good choice for people who are a vegans.

For example, vegetarians will need to limit certain foods with high amounts of sodium, phosphorus and potassium based on their kidney function and lab report. The quality of vegan protein sources is a concern for dietitians working with vegetarian patients.

In India, bread is eaten more in the northern regions of the country because of its dry climate. There are a variety of breads consumed in India like roomali roti, naana and paratha. Eating them in a right amount is critical for patients.

Kati Roll, a traditional steet food popular across India and abroad.

Tandoori chicken is also a popular food with abundant nutrients and they are also can can be eat by kidney disease patients. Before taking the meat, you should consult your health provider for an individualized dosage.

Additionally, But there are several dietary tips which you should pay attention to.

1. Low quantities but high-quality protein intake.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables which contain vitamin C

3. Drink relatively water

4. Control fat intake

To be frank, there is no one diet that is right for everyone with kidney disease. And your individual meal plan will change over time. For an specific diet plan, you can submit your illness condition to or leave a message below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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