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Can I Eat Apples with Hemoglobin 96 Caused by CKD

2014-12-07 09:48| Font Size A A A

Can I Eat Apples with Hemoglobin 96 Caused by CKDApples are one of healthiest fruits which are good for our body health. As the saying goes: “one apple a day, keep the doctor away”. However, for a patient with hemoglobin 96 due to Chronic Kidney Disease, are apples still good for his or her health?

What does hemoglobin 96 mean?

Hemoglobin is complex protein found in red blood cells that contains an iron molecule. The main function of hemoglobin is to carry oxygen from lungs to the body tissues. There are several groups of normal hemoglobin numbers which can as your reference.

Hemoglobin 120-160g/L in adult male.

Hemoglobin 110-150g/L in adult female.

Hemoglobin 170-200g/L in newborn.

Hemoglobin 110-160g/L in teenager or children

Compared to the normal range, hemoglobin 96 is much lower and it imply that there are decreased red blood cells in your blood and you may suffer from anemia.and it is a common symptom for patients with kidney disease. And along with the progresses of symptom, you will feel fatigue, nausea, unexplained weight loss and so on. But fortunately, a person with hemoglobin 96 is in the mild anemia.

Well the, can I eat apple with the condition?

Yes. Of course. Apples are loaded with abundant vitamin C but also are good source of iron which can enhance immunity and supple iron which is an essential part for red blood cells. And the fruits are filled with soluble fiber which can control insulin levels by releasing sugar slowly into the blood stream. And apple pectin helps reduce cholesterol levels by lowering insulin secretion. And they are also rich in calcium which can help kidney disease patients prevent bone problems. In addition, apple cider vinegar can help prevent the formation of kidney stones.

We can see that apples are good for kidney disease patients. And to some extent, they can protect renal function and ease some symptoms. But you should know, it is not enough to reverse illness condition from the underlying cause. Therefore, you might as well try natural treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Wanna more info, please contact our online doctor online.

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