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Is Agar Agar Good for Stage 3 Kidney Disease Patients

2014-11-07 14:51| Font Size A A A

Is Agar Agar Good for Stage 3 Kidney Disease PatientsAgar agar is a gelling agent extracted from red algae and it is relatively easy to cook. In our daily life, it is commonly used to the desserts like pudding. Well then, is agar agar good for Stage 3 Kidney Disease patients?

The dietary requirements for Stage 3 Kidney Disease

Stage 3 kidney disease means that the kidney function (GFR) is about 30% to 59%. Due to the moderate kidney damage, patients are suggested to have low-protein diet so as to reduce the burden of kidneys. Low-salt diet is to be give so as to relieve the swelling and lower high blood pressure. If the phosphorus and potassium level in the blood are higher than the normal range, you should also need to limit intake of phosphorus or potassium.

Is agar agar good for stage 3 kidney disease patients?

It is well known as the another name, namely China Grass. It is available health food and have some benefits for stage 3 kidney disease patients.

Agar has no calories, no carbs, no sugar, no fat and is loaded with fiber. The fiber can promote stool movement and prevent the constipation which is a common complication of kidney disease.

It can be used as a natural diuretic which is commonly used to help the damaged kidney to discharge water-sodium retention. It can help stage 3 kidney disease patients lessen swelling or edema.

It contains a plenty of minerals and vitamins which can strengthen body immune system. More than 95% kidney disease patients have the immune disorders. Therefore, China grass is good for kidney health.

Other benefits associated with agar are its ability to reduce inflammation. Some properties that can kill free radicls so as to prevent from inflammation and infection.

As we all know, everything has two sides, there is no exception with agar agar. Eating too much also can make some side effects and patients should pay more attention the dosage. If you want an individualized diet suggestion, please talk with our online doctors or mail to and we will do what we can help you.

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