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Can Kidney Disease Patients with High Potassium Level Eat Dates

2014-10-29 10:49| Font Size A A A

Can Kidney Disease Patients with High Potassium Level Eat DatesHigh potassium level is a common symptom in people with Kidney Disease because of kidney damage. To well control potassium level, most patients are required to limit intake potassium so as to prevent the further kidney damage. Well then, for these patients, can they eat dates?

Now, let’s have a look at the nutrients about dates.

Dates are one of nutritious food which are packed with an impressive list of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. All of them are necessary for normal growth, development and overall well-being. However, for kidney disease patients, the damaged kidney fails to function properly, thus numerous symptoms will be present in themselves. Among them, high potassium level is more likely to occur. In the normal condition, healthy kidney is responsible to discharge extra potassium from the blood, while the damaged kidney will lose the ability and extra potassium will accumulate in the body, then, potassium level in blood will occur.

then, can patients eat dates?

Unfortunately, dates are the good source of potassium. As we all know, potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids that help regulate heart rate and blood pressure. They, thus offers protection against stroke and coronary heart disease. But extra potassium will be bad for people with kidney damage. Eating too much potassium will aggravate illness condition. In addition, dates contain a large amount of protein and eating too much protein will lead to further kidney damage.

Therefore, kidney disease patients with high potassium level are not suggested to eat dates. If you love eating dates with kidney disease, you should consult your doctor according to your illness condition. You can eat less with the doctor’s guidance.

To be frank, if you happen to be a kidney disease patient, and you do not suffer from high potassium level, proetinuria or swelling, a proper intake of dates is still good for kidney healthy. For an individualized dosage of dates, please attach your medical report to and we will do what we can help you.

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