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Recipes and Diets for CKD Patients with 10% Kidney Function

2014-10-23 11:45| Font Size A A A

Recipes and Diets for CKD Patients with 10% Kidney FunctionRecently, some people are looking for recipes and diets for patients with 10% kidney function. Actually, compared to normal kidney function, 10% kidney function is much lower and one of urgent thing is to prevent the further kidney damage. Aside from medical treatment, diet is also play a significant role in recovering renal function.

Then, what dietary principles patients should keep with Kidney Failure, as follows:

High-quality protein

Generally speaking, patients with kidney damage are suggested to have a low-protein diet which can protect renal function. For damaged kidney, eating too much protein will increase kidney’s burden and cause the further kidney damage. But in order to guarantee our nutrition of our body, patients can consume food with high-quality protein, such as lean meat, milk, egg white and so on. The intake of proteins should be kept within 1~1.2g/kg body weight per day.


As you need to limit the protein consumption, you should increase the calorie intake to guarantee sufficient energy to your body. You should choose the foods high in calorie, but low-protein level. You should keep the calorie intake within 30-40 kilocalorie/kg per day.

Low salt

As the kidneys can not function normally, the extra fluid and sodium will cause fluid retention in body thus causing swelling and aggravating high blood pressure. To relieve burden on the kidneys, you should limit the slat intake less than 3 grams per day.

Proper intake of fluid

When diagnosed with CKD, some people need to drink large amount of fluid while other may need to limit fluid intake. Your suggested fluid intake will depend on your urine output, fluid build-up and blood pressure.

Low-potassium level

As your kidney disease progresses you may need to limit the amount of high-potassium foods you consume. In order to keep a low-potassium level, you’d better avoid at least limit intake the food such as potato, pumpkin, banana, custard apple, nectarines, chocolates, cocoa, beans, mushrooms and so on.

Sincerely hope the passage can be helpful for you. But diet should keep changing along with the changes of illness condition. You can talk with our doctors online or leave a message below for an individualized diet plan and treatment.

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