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Can CKD Patients Eat Milk Chocolate

2014-10-16 16:00| Font Size A A A

Can CKD Patients Eat Milk ChocolateChronic Kidney Disease patients have to develop strict dietary limitations in order to control the development of illness condition. Milk chocolate is a popular leisure food in our daily life. Well then, can CKD patients eat milk chocolate?

Milk chocolate is a form of chocolate that is blend with milk for a more mild,, creamy flavor than dark chocolate, which is composed primarily of coca liquor. Actually, in order to prevent kidney from the further damage, milk chocolate is not recommended to patients with chronic kidney disease. Why?

1. Chocolate and phosphorus

A 100g serving of milk chocolate has 176mg phosphorus which is prohibitively high for kidney disease patients. What’s more, chocolate mixed with milk is also particularly dangerous because milk is also high in phosphorus.

2. Caffeine properties

Chocolate contains a large amount of caffeine which has been linked to kidney stones. It may make renal disease worse. In view of this point, patients are not suggested to eat milk chocolate.

However, although the fact is that, it does not mean that all kidney disease patients should avoiding eating chocolate.

There is no need to avoid white chocolate and dark chocolate if Renal Failure patients have the normal level of phosphorus. If the phosphorus levels exceed 5.5 mg/dL, your doctor may recommend that you stay away from chocolate and other high-phosphorus foods.

Eating a low-phosphorus diet is not enough to slow down the progression of renal failure. The urgent and important thing is to repair kidney damage and improve kidney function from underlying causes.

If you are a kidney disease patient and love eating chocolate, you should contact your doctors according to your illness condition. And if you want to get rid of kidney disease, please email to or talk with our doctors online and we will provide professional guidance to you both on the diet and treatment.

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