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Indian Veg Diet for CKD Stage 3 Patients

2014-09-02 18:31| Font Size A A A

Indian Veg Diet for CKD Stage 3 PatientsStage 3 kidney disease patients are suggested to change the daily diet to control the progress of illness condition. For patients in Indian, there are something different from general kidney disease patients. Here we will recommend several principles of Indian veg for stage 3 kidney disease.

Stage 3 CKD means there is moderate drop on kidney function and the damaged kidneys fail to function adequately. Along with kidney function, patients in India are suggested to do the following contents so as to protect remaining renal function and improve kidney function.

1. High quality protein

For general kidney disease patients, patients can consume high quality protein diet from the fish, lean meat, beef and other red meats. Because high quality protein in these meat make few wastes and can supply the body energy. However, for vegan patients in India, they also are recommended to consume high quality protein which mainly come from vegetables like peanuts, wheat, cucumber, corn, carrot, spinach, french beans, egg white, ladyfinger and so on.

2. Limit intake of sodium

For stage 3 kidney disease patients, excess intake of sodium not only affect the blood pressure but also can aggravate the edema (swelling). Therefore, it is very essential to control the salt volume when they are cooking or eating some foods.

3. Limit water intake if there is swelling

Kidney disease patients are prone to suffer from water retention due to decreased kidney function which contributes to swelling. In addition, if they have a eager thirst in drinking, they can daub their lips with wet swab.

4. Limit phosphorus intake

Damaged kidneys are no longer able to remove phosphorus from the blood and get rid of the excess in urine, high phosphorus levels can be a problem for stage 3 kidney disease patients. In view of this point, they should keep away from foods in high phosphorus like almond, brazil nuts, cashew nuts, cashew nuts, cheese, dried fruits, hard potatoes and do on.

As a matter of fact, different illness condition has different requirements on diet. Wanna an individualized advice, please talk with our doctors online directly or leave a message below. And we will give you reply as soon as possible.

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