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Can CKD Patients Drink Soybean Milk

2014-08-21 02:19| Font Size A A A

Can CKD Patients Drink Soybean MilkSoybean milk with deep-fried dough sticks are very popular meal in the breakfast. Most people pretty love the good taste of milk as well as its abundant nutritions. However, for Chronic Kidney Disease patients, they may have such doubt: can I drink soybean milk with kidney disease?

Soybean milk is made from soaking, griding and boiling soy beans with water, which is a very nutritious drink. Soy is naturally high in essential fatty acids, proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Some patients though that they should limit intake of protein, so they quit drinking it. Indeed, excess proteins can produce large amount of urea which is toxic to body. and the damaged kidney fails to remove them successfully. However, as a matter of fact, soybean milk is moderately rich in protein and each cup contains 5 g. And the protein is high-quality. This amount is less than the dairy milk which contains 8 g per cup. Therefore, soybean milk is a better choice than animal milk.

The most important attribute of soy milk is its ability to improve your blood lipid profile. Studies have shown that regular intake of soy can significantly lower you blood concentrations of triglyceride and low density lipoproteins (LDL) and raise the level of high density lipoproteins (HDL). This combined effect makes soy milk an ideal drink if you have high cholesterol or have a family history of coronary heart diseases.

The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as the powerful antioxidants in soy can effectively protect your blood vessels from lesions and hemorrhage.

We can see that soybean milk is beneficial for kidney disease patients. It does not mean that you can drink it freely. If you have any follow-up question about “can CKD patient drink soybean milk” please contact our doctors online or you can email to

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