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Can Diet Help to Treat Gout for Stage 4 CKD Patients

2014-08-19 02:21| Font Size A A A

Can Diet Help to Treat Gout for Stage 4 CKD PatientsStage 4 CKD indicates that your kidney function has got severe damage on the kidneys. And the gout is the common complication of chronic kidney disease. Well then, can diet help to treat gout for them?

To know the answer, we should have a certain understanding about how does stage 4 CKD cause gout.

The causes of gout in Stage 4 CKD

The gout is mainly caused by the high uric acid accumulated in joints. And the high uric acid means the metabolic disorders of purine in body. Normally, about 2/3 of the uric acid are excreted by kidneys. However, for stage 4 CKD patients, their kidneys have been damaged, so the kidneys will fail to work well. So it will cause some problems, uric acid is a common one. In such condition, gout is easy to occur.

Can diet help to treat gout for stage 4 kidney disease patients?

Yes! Diet plays an important part for treating various symptoms and managing kidney disease. Well then, which type of diet is beneficial for stage 4 kidney disease patients with gout?

Low purine food

Since the urine acid is mainly produced by the purine metabolism in blood, so stage 4 kidney disease patients need to limit the high purine foods intake, which can help reduce the uric acids in blood. The high purine foods include mushrooms, meat, sea foods, beans, etc. So CKD patients need to choose the right foods in their daily diet, which can help reduce the kidney burden and protect the kidneys.

Drink relative water

If patients have no or obvious swelling, they can drink relative water so as to increase urine output. In this case, extra urine acid can be discharged out of the body through urine.

High vitamins

Patients should guarantee themselves foods with high vitamins, because vitamins are very important for our body function. For example, vitamin C plays a key role in our immune system. Thereby, it is important for patients to have high vitamins foods.

If your gout is more serious, combination of medical treatment and diet therapy is very essential for delaying even stoping the progression of the illness condition. If you have trouble in dealing with your condition, please contact our doctors online or email to

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