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Can Stage 3 Kidney Disease Patients Eat Swiss Cheese

2014-08-13 19:58| Font Size A A A

Can Stage 3 Kidney Disease Patients Eat Swiss CheeseCan Stage 3 CKD patients eat swiss cheese? This is a question come from one patient who chatted with me and ask the related info. Well then, how about the result? Please keep reading and you will find out useful things.

Cheese is made by curdling milk and draining the whey, while it still retains enough moisture to make it soft and spreadable. It is valued for its portability, long life and high content of fat, protein, calcium and phosphorus, potassium, etc. For people with stage 3 kidney disease, duet to kidney damage, about half of kidney function has lost so their kidney fails to function properly. Consequently, some symptoms like high blood pressure, proteinuria, swelling occurs easily. If left uncontrolled, all of them can speed up the kidney damage. In severe condition, the illness condition can develop into Kidney Failure or ESRD.

Fortunately, swiss cheese is not the same as other cheeses. Eating in a right amount can be beneficial for stage 3 kidney disease.

Swiss cheese tends to be more lower in sodium than other cheeses. It is an excellent choice if you are watching your sodium. Eating this kind of cheese can not aggravate illness condition, such as swelling and high blood pressure.

Swiss cheese has more calcium than many other types of cheese. Calcium-rich foods reduce fat-producing enzymes and increase fat breakdown. The best pick would be a reduced-fat variety. In addition, calcium can balance the phosphorus level as as to prevent skin itching. And also, calcium content of this cheese is beneficial for bone heath.

Kidney patients who are on low potassium diet can enjoy this cheese. It has only 22 mg of potassium and can be accepted by stage 3 kidney disease.

But it also contains much protein which is harmful to kidney disease patients if eating too much. You can see that swiss cheese has both benefits and side effects for kidney disease patients. Therefore, you’d better consult our online doctors directly or email to

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