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Foods to Be Eaten for Treating Swelling in Stage 3 CKD

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Foods to Be Eaten for Treating Swelling in Stage 3 CKDSwelling or edema is the most common symptom for stage 3 chronic kidney disease patients. In order to well controlled of this symptom, you are required to have strict diet restrictions in daily life. Well then, what foods can be eaten by them? The following will tell you answer.

As we all know, the kidney is one of important organs to guarantee our body health, and one of its functions is to regulate and balance the fluid in the body. However, for people with Stage 3 CKD, the damaged kidney can not do this “job” very well. In such a condition, the extra water will build up in the body. As a consequence, edema will occur. In addition, the injured kidney also can not discharge the extra sodium, leading to sodium retention which can cause edema. And edema can appear on any part of the body, such as eyelid, face, stomach, hands, legs, ankles, feet and so on. Diet regulation plays an important role for treating swelling in stage 3 kidney disease. Here we will tell you what should you pay attention to when you have a meal.

High-quality protein

High-quality protein food is recommended to you, because this kind of protein produces few wastes and can not increase the workload on the kidneys. Therefore, 66% of protein you eat with stage 3 kidney disease should be high-quality protein, which can be found in lean meat, egg white, fish, and milk. What I want to emphasize is that you’d better keep away from low-protein diet.

Limit intake of water

Since kidney fails to discharge extra water from the body, drinking too much water can increase the burden of the kidneys and worsen the swelling. As for how much water can you take per day, you’d better consult your doctor according to your illness condition.

Eat less salty foods

Eating too much salty foods can aggravate swelling and worsen kidney damage. In addition to swelling, salty foods contributes to worsening high blood pressure which is one of leading causes of kidney disease. In view of these points, eating less salted foods like fast food, frozen meals, canned soups, lunch meats, pickle, bacon and cheese is very helpful for preventing both swelling and high blood pressure.

Besides the mentioned above, you should eat some fruits and vegetables which have the diuretic function, like white gourd, celery, carrot, strawberry, fig and so on.

If you have no idea bout what can you eat and what should you avoid with swelling and stage 3 kidney disease, please leave a message below or email to and we will give you an individualized advice at both diet and medical treatment.

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