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Are Quail Eggs Good for Kidney Health

2014-08-08 20:12| Font Size A A A

Are Quail Eggs Good for Kidney HealthKidney disease patients are allowed to develop strict diet restrictions in their daily life. Well then, can they eat quail eggs? Are quail eggs good for kidney health? Let’s have a look at the nutrients of quail eggs.

Quail eggs contain abundant nutritions and it is good for people with high blood pressure and metabolic disorders and allergy and so on. Eating eggs can help with the following:

1. They clean the blood from toxins and heavy metals, enhance the hemoglobin--can cure anemia, are a strong immunity booster.

2. This eggs have strong anticancer properties; help by inhibiting the cancer growth and are natural alternative remedies that help in cancer treatments.

3. Eggs help the body to eliminate stones from the gall bladder. They are alternative remedies for the liver problems, also natural remedy for the health problems of the kidneys.

4. They strengthen the nervous system and improve memory as well as a brain activity booster.

5. They can enhance the quality of the hair and the skin.

6. They can strengthen the muscles of the heart and help the recuperating process after a stroke, being a natural alternative to conventional treatment in weak heart condition.

7. They can not cause allergic reactions.

Although quail eggs have so many nutritions, are they still good for kidney disease patients? Unfortunately, patients with kidney disease are not suggest to eat this eggs freely.

It is a common sense that kidney disease patients should limit intake of protein. However, quail eggs are great source of protein. For kidney disease patients, eating too much protein can increase the workload to the kidney and cause the further kidney damage, which is bad for kidney health. Besides, the kind of eggs contains a large amount of fat, which is harmful kidney health.

Kidney disease patients can take high-quality protein instead of low-quality but high-quantities protein intake. They can eat such food as egg white, meat, fish and milk and so on.

If you have no idea about what food can you eat with kidney problems, please keep in touch with your dietitian and he or she will help you. Additionally, our online doctor is always available for you and you also can attach your question to

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