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How Much Potassium You Can Intake Daily with Kidney Disease

2014-07-31 23:49| Font Size A A A

How Much Potassium You Can Intake Daily with Kidney DiseaseIf you happen to be a kidney disease patient, surely you know that you should have low-protein, low-salt, low-fat, low-potassium and low-phosphorus diets especially when more than 50% renal function are lost. Here we will tell you how much you can consume potassium in a day with renal disease. Please read on.

Why should limit intake of potassium?

For kidney disease patients, along with the decline of renal function, their kidneys can noy function well to remove excessive waste products and electrolytes out of the body timely and effectively. And patients are likely suffer from high potassium level. In order to avoid this symptom, daily diet plays an important part in management of potassium level. Therefore, patients with high potassium level are suggested to limit intake of potassium.

How much you can consume potassium in a day with renal disease?

In fact, whether you should limit potassium intake and how much potassium is safe for you should depend on your specific illness condition. There are some numbers which can make a reference to you. The normal potassium level in the blood is 3.5-5.5mmol/L. If CKD patients have blood potassium level higher than 5.5mmol/L or if the daily urine output is less than 1000ml, they need to limit this kidney of electrolyte intake through diets. In some server case, high potassium will lead to hyperlkalemia directly. Therefore, in case of this phenomenon, high-potassium foods should be avoided or at least limited. You’d better stay away from bananas, spinach, baked potatoes, baked acorn squash, salmon, mushroom, avocados, white beans and so on.

It is necessary to develop scientific and health diet plan and have regular check of potassium level and other electrolytes levels. If you have no idea about what you can eat or not, please contact us by talking with our Online Doctor directly or email us to and we will do our best to help you.

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