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Can Patients with Kidney Disease Take Mangosteen

2014-07-13 19:44| Font Size A A A

Can Patients with Kidney Disease Take MangosteenMangosteen is a kind of health fruit which is beneficial for people with weakness, malnutrition etc. As we all know, all kidney disease patients have a strict limitation on daily diet. Then, can kidney disease patients can take mangosteen?

As a matter of fact, diet is just like double-edged sword, if you have a right diet, they can help you get rid of the disease, while, if you have a wrong diet, it will worsen your illness condition. Therefore, there is no exception of mangosteen. Let’s have a look at its nutrients.

Benefits of mangosteen for kidney disease patients

Strengthen immune system

This fruit is rich in antioxidants called Xanthones, which can help patients to improve immune system. For kidney disease patients, since their kidney is damaged and their immune system are in low status. A good immune system can lays solid foundation for patient’s boody health.

Prevent inflammation

Various inflammation are often occur in kidney disease, which can worsen the illness condition. In some studies, it has shown that mangosteen has some anti-inflammatory content which can help patients to fight against diseases.

Prevent formation of kidney stone

For kidney disease patients, they are prone to suffer kidney stone. Fortunately, mangosteen is often regarded as natural diuretic which can help pass through via urine. Due to its alkaline properties, it can help neutralize the acidity of the urine, which can prevent formation fo kidney stone.

Although it has so many benefits for kidney disease patients, they also must be careful when they choose to eat this fruit. Because it has some bad effects on patients. For example, kidney disease patients often have high potassium (hyperkalemia). In this case, you should better keep away from this fruit. What’s more, if you have an overtake of mangosteen, it is easily to induce acidosis. So you should be cautious when elect fruits.

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