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Is Turmeric Good for Stage 3 CKD

2014-06-17 18:36| Font Size A A A

Is Turmeric Good for Stage 3 CKDAs we all know, stage 3 CKD patients have many diet restrictions and they cannot enjoy whatever they like. However, turmeric can be consumed by patients. and they can get a lot of benefits from this plant.

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric that is well known as antioxidant which can neutralize the free radicals and reduce some damages. As a result, they can help improve patient’s immunity and keep you away from cold and flu.

It is a natural detoxifier. Both kidney and liver have the function of detoxification. Turmeric is believed to increase production of enzymes in the liver and invigorate and improve blood circulation, which can support good liver health and reduce the burden on the kidneys.

It is good for headache and nausea. They are common symptoms suffered from by chronic kidney disease patients. Turmeric diet helps alleviate these cases.

Cardiovascular disease is a problem that troubles many kidney disease patients. Using turmeric as a food seasoning can reduce serum cholesterol levels, which can prevent many cardiovascular diseases.

It can also improve rheumatoid arthritis, prevent the development of type 2 diabetes as well as prevent weight loss.

Consuming turmeric correctly can help treat kidney disease or alleviate symptoms, while mistaken consumption may aggravate illness condition. Therefore, if you have some symptoms, such as bleeding, high phosphorus and high potassium and so on, you’d better avoid it. Besides, if you have an allergy with turmeric, you should keep away it from your table.

From the mentioned above, we can know turmeric is beneficial for stage 3 kidney disease patients if it consumed in a right amount. How much you can ingest it daily? The answer is different from person to person due to different illness condition. Therefore, you can ask for help from online doctors directly or you can leave a message below and we will give you a satisfied reply.

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