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Can People with Chronic Kidney Disease Eat Tuna

2014-05-15 19:25| Font Size A A A

Can People with Chronic Kidney Disease Eat TunaPeople with Chronic Kidney Disease should follow a strict diet. As a healthy diet can not only help alleviate symptoms but also reduce the workload of kidneys. Well, can CKD patients eat tuna?

With the rapid development of modern society, human health has received increasing attentions. As a nutrient-dense food, it is very popular in Western countries. And some of the healthy benefits have been summarized as follows:

1. Prevent hardening of the arteries Study shows that eating tuna in moderation can help decrease the level of blood-lipid, remove stasis and prevent hardening of the arteries.

2. Lower blood cholesterol level The EPA and protein present in tuna are proven to have effect of lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.

3. Prevent iron deficiency anemia Iron is an essential element of human body. And this kind of fish is loaded with iron and vitamin B12, which can be easily absorbed by the human body. Eating it often can help supply iron and prevent anemia.

4. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids According to the reliable research, the omega-3 fatty acids can not only suppress the inflammatory reaction in kidneys but also improve energy level.

5. High-quality protein To reduce the workload of kidneys, patients are always suggested to follow a low but high-quality protein diet. And eating it in right amount can provide chronic kidney disease patients with enough nutrients.

Additionally, tuna can also help remove extra sodium out of the body and balance moisture content.

From the above analysis, we can realize that tuna is good choice for chronic kidney disease patients. However, they still need to talk with the docotors to determine how much can they eat. Besides, there are also some beneficial foods for chronic kidney disease patients. If you have interest in this, please email us Keep well!

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