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When You Have CKD How Much Water Should You Drink

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When You Have CKD How Much Water Should You Drink Chronic Kidney Disease patients often confused that how much water they can drink. On one hand, water can help them excrete toxins accumulating in the body. On the other hand, too much water consumption will increase the burden of kidney.

Why should CKD patients limit water intake?


Swelling indicates that there is excessive water retaining in CKD patients’ bodies. And sever swelling may induce some severe condition, such as pleural effusion and pulmonary edema, so these patients should drink less water.

High blood pressure

Too much water retention can cause high blood pressure, which not only can induce heart disease, but also damage the blood vessels in kidney. Oliguria or anuria

If these symptoms occur, CKD patients should strictly control the water intake. The recommended amount is the water they lost through sweat, urination and defecation, so the volume of water intake is approximately urine volume (the previous day) plus 500ml.

Why do CKD patients need to increase their water consumption?

High uric acid level

Uric acid usually excretes through kidney tubules, and when uric acid accumulates to a certain level, it will block kidney tubules. What’s more, high uric acid level also can cause uric acid nephropathy, even kidney failure. However, drinking more water can help patients eliminate uric acid in some degree.

Kidney stone

Reduction of urine is a contributing factor of kidney stone, as there will be high concentration of salts and minerals in the urine. However, more water intake can dilute the urine, avoiding accumulation of salts and minerals.

Urinary tract infection

Drinking more water can stimulate urination, which could flush the urinary tract. Thus, fewer bacteria will stay and breed in urinary tract and the risk of urinary tract infection will reduce.

CKD patients should well control the water consumption according to their conditions. Form the above contents, we believe you have a general idea about water intake, while if you have any questions, you can contact us

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