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Can Kidney Disease Patients Eat Garlic

2014-04-30 19:42| Font Size A A A

Can Kidney Disease Patients Eat GarlicFor people with kidney disease, they need to know what food to eat and what to avoid. Otherwise, their health will be influenced. Well, can kidney disease patients eat garlic?

Firstly, let’s learn about the contents of this food in detail. According to the reliable data, per 100g garlic includes 69.8g fluid, 4.4g protein, 0.2g protein, 23.6g carbonhydrate, 5mg calcium, 44mg phosphorus, 0.4mg iron, 5mg vitamin C3. Meanwhile, it is also loaded with trace elements.

Secodly, it is necessary to know about the healthy benefits of garlic.

Kill bacteria It has been testified that the sulfur-containing compounds present in this food have the function of antisepsis and anti-inflammation.

Prevent cancer According to the US national cancer organization, the germanium and selenium found in garlic are able to inhibit the growth of tumor cells and cancer cells.

Excrete toxins and prevent gastrointestinal disorders Except for the above benefits, garlic can also help remove toxins in the intestines and stomach. What’ more, it is beneficial in stimulating appetite and accelerating digestion.

Lower blood sugar level and prevent diabetes This food is able to promote the secretion of insulin, increase the tissue cells to absorb glucose and lower the blood sugar level. In this way, it can help prevent diabetes effectively.

Fight against cardiovascular diseases According to the reasearch, it can help lower cholesterol level, inhibit the aggregation of platelet, adjust blood pressure, increase the permeability of vascular, thus inhibiting the formation of thrombus.

After the above analysis, we can come to know that kidney disease patients can eat garlic, as it can help alleviate symptoms to a certain degree. However, as the illness condition varies from individuals to individuals, the specific amout should be different. If you eager to get a personalized advice, feel free to click the Live Doctor directly!

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