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Low Protein Diet for CKD Stage 4: How Much Protein Can You Take

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Low Protein Diet for CKD Stage 4: How Much Protein Can You TakeWhen you are at Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4, your doctor may recommend a low protein diet, because your kidneys fail to remove the by-products of protein food. To manage a low protein diet for CKD stage4, you are suggested to know how much protein you can take firstly.

CKD stage 4: How Much Protein Can You Take?

How much protein can you take? It is calculated based on your own conditions, which may get your age, gender, weight, GFR levels, creatinine levels etc involved. If you fail to know your detailed information, you can take the following chart for information. Due to different CKD stages, experts give a rough suggestions about the protein intake amount as follows.

CKD Stages How Much Protein You Can Take Per Day
CKD stage1~2 0.8g/KG/day
CKD stage3~5 CKD stage1~2

Thereby, CKD stage 4 patients are roughly suggested to take 0.6g/Kg protein a day. For example, if you are 50kg, your protein intake is 0.6X50=30g a day. However, this is just a rough answer, if you need exact protein intake amount, you are suggested to send the following information to age, gender, weight, medical report.

How to keep a low protein diet?

After knowing how much protein you can take, you should know how to manage well your 3 meals per day.

Firstly, you should have to know the suggested low protein food and avoid the high protein foods. Here is a short low protein diet list for your information.

Bread: 4g/piece

Rice: 2g/2.5 spoon

Cornmeal: 2g/half bowl

Egg: 7g/1

Skim Milk: 7g/210ml

Poultry: 7g/ 4 nuggets

These are the just common low protein food. If you want to know a full list about CKD stage 4, you can leave a message below the diet. We are glad to find the food list in your home country.

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