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CKD with Creatinine 2.9: What does It Mean

2014-01-22 18:15| Font Size A A A

Chronic kidney disease(CKD) is the progressing disease. Kidneys damage always accompanied by high creatinine level. If some is suffering from CKD with creatinine 2.9, what does it mean?

What does creatinine 2.9 mean?

Creatinine is the metabolic waste of muscle. Normally, the creatinine level will be kept in a certain range because the healthy kidneys can filter the extra out of the body automatically. Its normal range is 0.5-1.2 mg/dl. The creatinine level cannot be elevated unless half of kidneys are damaged. This is because kidneys have great compensatory ability.

Creatinine 2.9 means that kidneys are damaged and they are no longer able to filter the toxins well. As to what stage are you in, it is hard to say. Creatinine level is not the only evaluator. Many other factors should be taken into consideration.

How to deal with CKD with creatinine 2.9?

No matter what stage are you in, lowing creatinine level is the initial thing that you should do. Then how to lower creatinine 2.9?

Your doctor must have suggested you to eat a scientific and general diet to prevent further damage to kidneys. A low-protein and low-sodium diet is necessary. If you are troubled by high potassium and phosphorus level, you are suggested to eat foods that are low in potassium and phosphorus. Everyone has a specific diet according to the illness condition. You can consult the online doctor for the specific diet.

To lower the creatinine 2.9, the best method is to improve kidney function. So far, there is no western treatment that can achieve this goal. But the Chinese medicine is designed for this goal. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a newly created therapy based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine. The big character of this therapy is that it is externally used and the herbs can improve kidney function. If you want to know more about this therapy, you can ask the online doctor, he will provide you the free service.

If you are suffering from CKD with creatinine 2.9 and you do not know how serious of your illness condition now, you can send your test report to, the kidney expert will give you a reply the first time he receives your email. Best wishes!

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