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Is Dialysis Needed in Stage 4 Kidney Disease with Creatinine 6.4

2014-01-10 19:54| Font Size A A A

Many people believes that when creatinine level rises, dialysis is needed. Actually, it is not true. Not all high creatinine level need dialysis. Then is dialysis needed in stage 4 kidney disease with creatinine 6.4?

What are the relationships of high creatinine level with dialysis?

It is believed that high creatinine level is the indicator of dialysis and many patients with high creatinine level are required to do dialysis. But you must make clear that the creatinine level have no direct relationship with dialysis.

High creatinine level often refers to kidney damage. If they stays in blood for a long time, they will cause damage to the internal organs. Dialysis is regarded as an artificial kidney, which help kidneys discharge the waste products, including creatinine.

Is dialysis needed in stage 4 kidney disease with creatinine 6.4?

Creatinine 6.4 is higher than the normal level of 0.5-1.2 mg/dl. Some people may troubled by obvious symptoms in stage 4 kidney disease with creatinine 6.4, such as nausea, vomit, itchy skin, muscle cramps, sleepiness and so on. If you have the above symptoms, you are suggested to start dialysis. However, if creatinine 6.4 causes no symptoms, dialysis is not necessary.

So whether dialysis is need or not should depend on your own condition.

When to start dialysis?

Dialysis is necessary under some conditions, and the following factors should be considered:

Potassium level. If your potassium level ≥6.5mmol/l, you should start dialysis immediately.

You are attacked by serious symptoms.

Acidosis and PH<7.2.

Complications, like pericarditis, pulmonary, vascular disease.

What is your condition now? If you want to know whether you should start dialysis or not in stage 4 kidney disease with creatinine 6.4, you can send your medical report to, the kidney doctor will give you the suggestion based on your condition.

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