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CKD: Can High Creatinine Level Cause Kidney Failure

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Chronic kidney disease( CKD) is the characterized by gradually loss of kidney function. Creatinine level is one of the indicators of kidney function. High creatinine level usually indicate kidney damage. Can high creatinine level cause kidney failure?

Why does high creatinine level indicate kidney damage?

Creatinine is the metabolic waste of muscle. Normally, kidneys will filter them out of our body to keep the blood clean and keep our body in condition. But if the creatinine level is elevated, they must accumulate in the blood and the kidneys are not able to clean them out. So there may be kidney damage. But high creatinine level not always refers to kidney damage. When you take in too meat, your creatinine level can be elevated too. Besides, intense exercise can also increase creatinine level in blood. But in the two conditions, the elevated creatinine level will return to normal after hours or days. That is to say, if the high creatinine level lasts a long time, it is more likely to have kidney problem.

Can high creatinine level in CKD cause kidney failure?

High creatinine level is a sign of kidney damage and it can also increase the deterioration of kidneys. It can speed up the pace of renal failure. Usually when the creatinine level is higher than 707umol/l, you have probably progress into kidney failure. But high creatinine level is not the cause of kidney failure, it is only a manifestation of kidney failure.

If you are troubled by high creatinine level, you are suggested to well manage your diet to prevent further kidney damage. You can ask the online doctor for a personal food lists.

high creatinine level is a result of kidney problem. It is important to bring it under normal level to prevent kidney failure. For effective treatment, you can send an email to, I will give you more information according to your illness condition.

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