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Can I Still Live Long with Stage 5 Kidney Failure

2013-12-15 19:03| Font Size A A A

Stage 5 kidney failure is also known as the end-stage renal disease, which the glomerular filtration rate declines to 15ml/min or less. As a consequence, kidney function also decreases. Many patients asked that can I live long with stage 5 kidney failure. Next, I will explain to you! Follow me and get the answer.

At stage 5 , kidneys have almost lost the ability to do their work efficiently. Consequently, many discomforts will follow. For example, patients will suffer from nausea, vomiting, swelling, muscle cramps, oliguria and so on. These discomforts greatly affect your life quality and life expectancy. In terms of how long can you live, I want to tell you that many factors are involved, especially your illness condition and the treatment that you accept.

Since I have no clear idea about your illness condition now, I cannot give you an exact answer. You can send your medical report and your detailed condition to and the kidney expert will reply to you for free charge.

Now that the treatment is the leading factor that involved with the life expectancy of stage 5 kidney failure, I will introduce some treatment for you.

The treatment for stage 5 kidney failure.

If you are diagnosed with stage 5 renal failure, you are suggested to see a doctor immediately, he will make you a treatment according to your condition. Normally, dialysis is the first choice that the doctor give you. Dialysis can help kidneys do some work and decrease the burden of the kidneys, at the same time, it can help relieve the symptoms. With a complete dialysis, you can survive another 5 years. You may doubt that can I just live such short years? Of course, it depends on your own condition. If you keep a good mood, maybe you can live longer.

What you should know is that if your kidney function is improved, you can live a better and longer life. The Chinese herbs, especially Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy worth your consideration. If you want to know more about this, you can consult the online doctor for a free reply.

Can I still live long with stage 5 kidney failure. Do not question, do not lose confidence, you deserve a better life and you can have a better life! We will do whatever we can do to help you! Welcome to contact us!

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