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What is the Risk of Kidney Transplant in Stage 5 CKD

2013-12-09 22:15| Font Size A A A

Stage 5 CKD is also known as the end-stage kidney disease. The kidney function declines to below 15% in stage 5 CKD. Kidney transplant is offered to some patients in some hospital. But some patients are concerned about the risk of kidney transplant. What is the risk of kidney transplant in stage 5 CKD?

The risk of kidney transplant.

As kidneys have already lose the ability to function in stage 5, Kidney transplant is applied to enable new kidney functions. Patients with a successful kidney transplant can live a better and longer life than those who are on dialysis. But there are some risks of kidney transplant.

If you are a patient who are waiting for kidney transplant, you should get full prepared mentally because you may wait for a long time for an available kidney. During the waiting time, you may need dialysis to survive. But long-term dialysis will bring you a lot of side-effects, some of which are life-threatening.

Even if you are lucky enough to wait for a proper kidney. There are a lot of things to consider after kidney transplant.

Because kidney transplant is a big surgical procedure, risks can occur during the surgery, like bleeding and infection.

Kidney transplant is a surgery that putting a new kidney into your body. While our body has an autoimmune system, which helps us fight against foreign invaders. The new kidney is an outer thing to the body, so the body will generate rejection reaction. In order to ensure the normal function of the new kidney, some anti-rejection medicines should be take. Whereas, these kinds of medicines will weaken the immunity and cause many diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem, hyperlipidemia and so on.

Kidney transplant indeed can improve the life quality and prolong the lifespan of patients with stage 5 CKD, but it is with great risks. If you are a stage 5 patients, waiting for a kidney transplant, you should take an overall physical examination to check if your condition is allowed to do this surgery. You can also send your medical report to, the kidney doctor will give you some suggestions.

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