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Can Drinking Too Much Water Cause Kidney Damage

2013-11-17 15:30| Font Size A A A

Can Drinking Too Much Water Cause Kidney DamageAs we all know that half of our body is made up of water. Water is important for us to keep a healthy body. Is that mean the more water, the better? Can drinking too much water cause kidney damage?

Though water is the necessity to our body, it does not indicate that the more, the better, especially for the people with kidney problem.

The normal kidney and water balance.

The kidney is responsible to discharge waste product and toxins, while another important function of kidney is to keep water balance in our body. The extra water will be discharged out of the body through urine. So there will be proper water amount in the kidneys. But if we take in too much water, it will increase the burden of kidney and cause kidney damage. So you should consume moderate water every day. You can consult the online doctor for the proper amount of water.

Why should you limit water intake with kidney problems?

Patients with kidney problems are often asked to limit water intake. Why should they limit water intake?

Some patients with kidney problems have obvious decline of urine, especially those with kidney failure. The kidney function is also severely declined, so the kidney fails to remove the extra water. The extra water in the body will lead to swelling. In addition, too much water can also increase burden of heart.

For those who are on dialysis, limiting water intake is of great importance. If you drink too much water, dialysis will remove them away once. The sudden loss of large amounts of water will result in low blood pressure.

Drinking to much water will cause kidney damage to healthy people, let alone to people with kidney diseases. You can send an email to for more information about the proper water intake for you!

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