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Male Sexuality and Stage 4 Kidney Failure

2013-11-12 11:13| Font Size A A A

Male Sexuality and Stage 4 Kidney FailureStage 4 kidney failure is featured as severe decline of kidney function. Normally, there are only 15-29% of kidney function. Therefore, many activities in daily life are affected due to low kidney function. Can patients with stage 4 kidney failure have sexual life? What about the male sexuality in stage 4 kidney failure?

There are many factors that will affect the sexual life of the patients.

The disease can cause late-onset hypogonadism, such as malnutrition, urea poisoning, zinc deficiency and so on. Some drugs that applied to stage 4 kidney failure can also cause late-onset hypogonadism, like clonidine, diazepam, methyldopa, etc.

Some patients or the mates give up sexual life because they are worried that the sexual life will worsen the illness condition. Is that right? Actually, this is a big understanding.

Male sexuality and stage 4 kidney failure.

As a matter of fact, sexual life indeed can increase the risk of the disease because it is exhausting and it will reduce the immunity. So excessive sex is not advised. However, it dose not mean that you should prohibit sex completely.

It is reported that sexual life is the normal physiological need. The proper sexual life can not only enhance the emotion, but also do good to the physical health and the mental health. In addition, the satisfying sexual life has a positive effect on the heart, immune system and the mental health. But what you should pay attention to is that it should be moderate and cause no fatigue and back pain.

So whether the patients with stage 4 kidney failure are allowed with sexual life or not should depends on his own condition. You should follow the doctor’s guidance or you can consult the online doctor about the male sexuality and stage 4 kidney failure for free. The root method to improve the quality of sexual life of patients is to improve the kidney function. For more information about how to improve kidney function, you can send an email to, the doctor will give you more information.

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