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What are The Risk Factors for Kidney Stones

2013-10-31 17:38| Font Size A A A

In people's impression, Kidney Stones is a common disease in the aged. But in recent years, a big part of patients are young people around the age of 20. Some of them are even college students. What are the risk factors for kidney stones.

Poor drinking water quality

Drinking water in some areas belongs to hard water that high in crystal and calcium. It is easy to form stones when a person’s urinary calcium increases. Besides, drinking less can also lead to urine concentration, and finally cause kidney stones.

Unhealthy diet

Food containing oxalic acid and high calcium, such as animal liver, spinach, tofu and other soy products, strong tea, wine, coffee, etc. These foods are easy to cause kidney stones. In addition, having too much meat, while less vegetables which containing cellulose, also prone to kidney stones. (If you want to know whether a certain food can eat or not, please consult the free online doctors.)

Living environment

In hot areas, people sweating more. It is easy to appear urine concentration and form urinary calculi.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Less exercise is prone to kidney stones. Therefore, the incidence in city is higher than in countryside generally. So you are suggested to take moderate exercise and build up the immunity of our body. You have more possibility to develop kidney stone if you like drinking and smoking. To keep your health in condition, you’d better limit drinking and smoking.

The aboves are the risk factors for kidney stone. If you have a similar lifestyle with aforementioned style, you’d better have a comprehensive physical examination. You can leave your email address below, and we will send the specific inspection projects to you or you can send an email to!

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