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Is Green Tea Allowed with Kidney Disease

2013-10-30 14:44| Font Size A A A

Is Green Tea Allowed with Kidney DiseaseIt is known to all that green tea is beneficial to the health of our body if you drink it in moderation. Some patients asked that is green tea allowed with kidney disease? Please follow me to find the answer!

If you have kidney disease, you are suggested to follow the doctor’s advice for the proper amount that you should drink. Green tea is allowed with kidney disease if you take it correctly.

It can help kidney with ischemia, a condition that your kidney is lack of the blood, oxygen and nutrients supply. When kidney is damaged, the blood flow through kidney will decrease due to stroke or blood clots. According to the research, drinking green tea in moderation can help kidney alleviate ischemia and reduce kidney damage.

High blood pressure is a common complication of kidney disease. Doctors may prescribe you some medicines to control high blood pressure, while these medicines may damage kidney in return. Green tea can help kidney against the damage of these medicines to kidney by elevating the antioxidant defense system and cleaning up free radicals.

Green tea can help alleviate kidney stone which is a troublesome kidney disease. Drinking green tea is effective in hold back the growth of calcium oxalate into crystals, which will finally develop into kidney stone. So green tea can prevent the formation and development of kidney stone.

Green tea is also help to prevent the buildup of glycogen in the kidneys which is the rich resource of glucose. If there are much glucose, you may have a great risk of developing diabetes nephropathy. So the consumption of green tea is beneficial for patients with diabetes nephropathy.

Though green tea is allowed with kidney disease, you should consult your doctor or the online doctors for the correct amount. For different patients and different illness conditions, there are different requirements. You can also leave a message below for more detailed information.

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