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Three FAQs About Kidney Disease

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Three FAQs About Kidney Disease

“Is kidney disease incurable?”

“Can kidney disease develop into kidney failure certainly?”

“Can I only do dialysis with kidney failure?”

Many patients ask similar questions every day. Today we will explain them to you in detail.

1. Is kidney disease incurable?


From the clinical point of view, in addition to acute kidney failure, acute interstitial nephritis and other acute kidney disease, kidney damage caused by other kidney diseases is basically irreversible. But with proper treatment, on the one hand, you can get the disease under control, and on the other hand you can stop the kidneys from getting damaged further. If kidney disease treatment meet these two points, kidney disease can reach a state of clinical cure, which is manifested as negative proteinuria, normal creatinine level, and other indicators in a balanced state. And then the disease won’t affect your work and life.

Of course, relying solely on hormone therapy can only temporarily alleviate the progress of the disease. Once the drug is stopped, the disease will get worse.

2. Can kidney disease develop into kidney failure certainly?


When the kidney sends out distress signals, some patients will ignore them, and some patients themselves do not know that this may be a kidney problem, so it is already kidney failure when it is clear.

However, if there is weakness, nausea, anemia, foam urine and other kinds of inappropriate, you go to see doctors timely to detect or exclude kidney disease. And then you can be treated early and effectively control the disease.

3. Can I only do dialysis with kidney failure?


Hormone therapy often doesn't work well, so the condition worsens, and a lot of toxins accumulate in the body, which in turn makes kidney condition worse. This is a vicious circle. When the disease progresses to the end stage of kidney failure, only dialysis can be used.

Hormone therapy is only to suppress inflammation rather than eliminate the root cause of renal inflammation, so this is only temporary medical relief.

Dialysis can help prolong the life of kidney failure patients, but it can not repair kidney damage, and the residual renal function will be worn out. Besides, complications will become worse and worse.

Then how to treat kidney disease effectively, and protect renal function from deteriorating?

The most important point is to eliminate all toxins in the blood through oral Chinese medicine decoction, with the external Chinese medicine Steam Therapy, Du-Moxibustion, external application and other methods. Internal and external combination can inhibit the immune response in the body so as to solve the problem from the focus and stop kidney damage.

Removing toxins from the body is a gradual repair process. For patients with kidney failure and uremia, dialysis is the most direct way to protect the life. Only by closely coordinating the two can better efficacy be achieved.

The above material is intended for informational purposes only. For specific treatment suggestions, please consult a physician.

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