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These Kidney Disease Is Incurable, and Will Progress into Uremia

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These Kidney Disease Is Incurable, and Will Progress into Uremia
Many renal patients ask: “Doctor, will my disease progress into uremia?”

Uremia is one of the most concerned topics for almost all renal patients. But you may also know that uremia is not the end of all patients.

Based on years of clinical experience in renal disease, I summarize the prognosis of some kidney disease as follows:

1. Complete cure

Almost all acute glomerulonephritis, most minimal change disease, partial Membranous Nephropathy can be cured completely by scientific treatment without the risk of uremia.

2. Kidney disease with good therapeutic effect

Most of chronic nephritis syndrome, partial nephrotic syndrome and some Lupus Nephritis usually have slight pathological types. Generally, after treatment with hormones, immunosuppressive agents and anti-hypertensive drugs, the disease can be well controlled and the probability of developing uremia is very low.

3. The condition is difficult to control so that the disease goes into uremia

Clinically, about less than 10% of minimal change disease, IgA Nephropathy in which proteinuria is not controlled well, about a third of Membranous Nephropathy, some Lupus Nephritis, Diabetic Nephropathy in which blood sugar level and blood pressure are not up to standard, the vast majority of polycystic kidney disease (PKD), few chronic nephritis syndrome and Nephrotic Syndrome will eventually progress into uremia if the treatment effect is not good.

Once kidney disease progresses to uremia, everyone thinks, "how long can you live with uremia?".

In a previous report on in the United States, it was reported that by last year Delores Muhlstein, a patient from USA was 79 years old and had been on dialysis for 42 years. The figure of 42 years, the longest dialysis survival at present, is not certain, but it is believed that many dialysis patients with uremia see hope.

In fact, it is unnecessary for you to reject dialysis. Before dialysis, uremia encephalopathy, heart failure, pericardial effusion and other complications are the nightmare of kidney patients. It is dialysis that help you avoid these complications and maintain life. With dialysis, it is possible for you to live 20-30 years or even more.

What kinds of kidney disease do you have? Do you want to have a better prognosis? If you would like to know more information about kidney disease treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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