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Due to Poor Immunity, Kidney Disease Gets Relapse Frequently: What to Do

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Due to Poor Immunity, Kidney Disease Gets Relapse Frequently: What to Do
When kidney function is impaired, and immune system is compromised, even a cold can cause further damage to the kidneys, accelerating kidney failure. Therefore, in the treatment process, kidney patients should pay attention to two aspects: one is treatment, and the other is prevention.

For some factors that may lead to the aggravation or recurrence of kidney disease, you must take prevention timely in case that they impair kidney function and cause irreparable damage. Infection is the primary cause of recurrence or aggravation of kidney disease. The common infections in kidney disease include urinary tract infections (UTIs), oral infection and respiratory tract infection.

-Catching a cold can lead to increased bacteria and toxins in the body, aggravating kidney damage as well as aggravating renal inflammatory response so as to cause further deterioration of renal function. Therefore, you must not be careless, especially when the season alternates, and the weather is changeable.

-Periodontitis can cause the teeth and gingivae to accumulate a lot of bacteria. As we chew food with teeth, bacteria and viruses will flow into the body along the blood. The immune system of kidney patients is active, and a large number of inflammatory factors will be produced to attack the kidney tissue, which will aggravate the disease and endanger the kidney.

To avoid infection and make kidney function worse, you must do three things in advance:

1. To improve immunity and resistance

Poor immunity is an important reason why people with kidney disease are more likely to become infected than others. Therefore, improving immunity is the basis of anti-infection. To improve immunity, one is to pay attention to balanced diet, such as to eat more meat, eggs and milk and other high-protein food, fresh fruits and vegetables, dietary fiber, eat less fried and other unhealthy food; second is to exercise properly to strengthen the body; third is to combine work and rest, to have enough rest, to keep optimistic attitude and good mood.

2. To vaccinate to increase antibodies

Most kidney patients can have vaccination. Especially in the season of susceptible to infection such as influenza, you should do vaccination early, which can greatly reduce the possibility of recurrence of symptoms such as proteinuria, and be more favorable to protect renal function. It is suggested that you can choose to have the inoculation in September and October, two months before the outbreak of influenza. Early inoculation is more beneficial to prevent influenza. Just once a year.

Kidney patients who use hormones and immunosuppressive drugs can also be vaccinated, but it is important to communicate with your doctor about the medication you are taking and the development of your condition before you take it so as to avoid other risks.

3. To improve bad habits, quit smoking and limit alcohol

Smoking leads to decreased blood supply to the kidneys, which can lessen supply of nutrients and oxygen, and lower resistance. Alcohol-drinking, drunkenness and alcoholism abuse can reduce the body's immune function, so alcohol must be strictly limited.

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