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If You Have These 8 Characteristics, It Indicates You Get Well from Kidney Disease Soon

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If You Have These 8 Characteristics, It Indicates You Get Well from Kidney Disease Soon
Most people with kidney disease have a common characteristic: they worry that their kidney disease will worsen and they worry that they won't find a proper treatment. However, kidney disease is a very complex disease. It is not only related with your physical condition, but also your living habit. If you can can do these 8 things strictly, your kidney disease can be within control.

1. Blood pressure should be measured regularly.

Blood pressure is associated with kidney disease, which can reflect the severity of kidney disease. In the diagnosis of kidney disease, if you have hypertension (greater than 140/90mmhg), it means you will have a severe pathology. And if it can not be controlled stable, it will directly accelerate the deterioration of kidney disease so as to significantly increase the risk of uremia.

Keeping an eye on your blood pressure is a must for people with kidney disease. If your blood pressure is well controlled, your kidney disease will be well controlled.

2. Keep blood glucose within control

More and more kidney disease is caused by diabetes. And among the dialysis patients, most of them have diabetes. Therefore, keeping the blood sugar in a reasonable scope is also a way to control the kidney disease.

3. Normal creatinine level

Serum creatinine is the most commonly used indicator of renal function. If it is normal or only mildly elevates and remains stable, it indicates that renal function is still at a relatively early stage, and you still have time for treatment.

4. Do not eat indiscriminately

The biggest mistake of kidney patient is to supplement various nutrients and medicine. This can do more harm to kidneys. Some patients know that there are many things that can't be eaten indiscriminately in kidney disease. For those who do not eat indiscriminately, their disease is controlled better.

5. Proper diet restriction, but not excessive

To eat less salt, limit fish and meat, eat moderate soy products, milk, eggs, eat more fruits and vegetables, etc. Such a balanced diet is good for the kidneys. To have proper diet restriction and to maintain a good weight and mental state, is extremely important for kidney patients.

6. Regular checkups

Because kidney disease relapses easily, therefore, whether you have controlled proteinuria, blood pressure, kidney function and other indicators well or not, you should do checkups regularly.

7. Do not be angry or anxious easily

The effect of emotion on the treatment of kidney disease is very big! Sometimes it can be found clinically that after a quarrel with others, some renal patients may have proteinuria and increased blood pressure. Keep peace of mind, do not be angry and anxious, and regulate your mood.

8. Insist to take exercise

For those with poor endurance, they can choose to walk, tai chi, yoga and other gentle exercises, and then gradually increase the intensity and time of exercise and exercise. For those with good stamina, they can choose to dance, jog, swim and other activities with greater intensity. Remember that exercise is not the more, the better. According to your own conditions, to choose appropriate exercises.

Kidney disease is a disease that repeat frequently, and most patients are always worried about their prognosis, but as long as you follow your doctor’s instruction, and have a good living habits, you can stabilize the disease and control it well. For more information on CKD treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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