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Chronic Kidney Disease: How Long Will I Develop Into Kidney Failure

2017-08-03 11:53| Font Size A A A

Many renal patients asked the doctor: “doctor, will my disease develop into kidney failure?” and some patients left a message to us, asking about how long the IgA Nephropathy will develop into renal failure. In fact, when we see these fear moods from patients, as a doctor, we feel heart-struck. In this article, we will tell you something that you should not worry about the prognosis, but you should pay attention how to improve your life quality.

Many renal patients will be worried once they were diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, because they are scared that they will develop into kidney failure and rely on dialysis to support the life. In fact, there are only about 1%-2% CKD patients will get kidney failure finally. Therefore, the most important thing should be knowing how to avoid kidney failure with CKD.

There are mainly two bad factors will affect the prognosis of CKD, one is worsen of kidney function, another is angiocardiopathy, and the angiocardiopathy can be prevented.

Here are some measures that can help prevent the angiocardiopathy.

- Control well of blood pressure. Undiabetic patients should control blood pressure within 140/90 mmHg, and diabetic patients should control the blood pressure below 130/80 mmHg.

- Control the blood sugar level. For diabetic nephropathy patients, good control of glycosylated hemoglobin glycosylated below 6.2%, fasting blood glucose 4.4~6.0; postprandial blood glucose 4.4~8.0.

- Control the proteinuria, anemia and regulate the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus.

- Lower blood fat by controlling diet instead of using medicines.

- Increase exercises, improve the nutrition condition, change the bad living habits.

Once the angiocardiopathy can be controlled well, it can slow down the progression of CKD greatly. Moreover, CKD patients should also take medical treatment to repair kidney damage and improve the kidney function, then kidney failure can be prevented. If you want to learn more details of the treatment, you can send e-mail to, or contact whatsapp +8613633219293

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