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Why Your Kidney Disease Cant Treat Well: Main Cause is Delay

2017-06-02 14:36| Font Size A A A

Why Your Kidney Disease Cant Treat Well: Main Cause is DelayDo you know what is the main factor that affect the prognosis and relapse of kidney disease? In fact, the only thing is delay. Maybe you don’t agree with me, Let’s get further understanding here.

Once people get kidney disease, they often get regular treatment, but the disease will get relapsed easily once treated well. Many patients come to different hospitals all over the world and spent lots of money, but the disease still cant be treated well. Do you know why?

The main cause is the delay of kidney disease. Let’s see some examples here.

1. There is a uremic patients. At first, his serum creatinine level was 700, but he didn’t want to get treatment, because he thought his disease cant be cured, so he took some medicines to get treatment at home. Due to his unwanted, his serum creatinine level increased to 1600 within only 2 months. In order to get thorough treatment, patients should first know its root cause. Only taking treatment for the symptoms can only slow down the progression of disease, but cant stop the disease. Once patients were diagnosed with kidney disease, they should take prompt and effective treatment, delay of the disease can only worsen the disease and make poor prognosis to patients.

2. There is also a PKD patient. Doctor asked him to take early treatment, but he said he was busy with his work, so he didn’t come to hospital and delay the check time. At first, his cyst is only 3 cm, and didn’t have any obvious symptoms. However, within only half a year, his cysts grew up to 6 cm, and he had severe back pain and some other symptoms. He was to repentant that he didn’t follow the advice of the doctor and miss the best time for treatment.

Therefore, we can see that delay will worsen the kidney disease and make a bad prognosis to patients. Therefore, once people were diagnosed with kidney disease, they should take treatment as early as possible, then they can get a better life span. Don’t miss the best time for your recovery with kidney disease.

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