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How Long Can I Live Without Treatment 14% Kidney Function

2017-04-01 17:37| Font Size A A A

How Long Can I Live Without Treatment 14% Kidney FunctionNowadays, kidney disease becomes more and more popular, because it can be caused by so many factors, such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, infections, drugs overdose, etc. For kidney patients, they often suffer from great pains with their illness condition, so many people often feel despairing and painful. Therefore, patients will wonder about their life expectancy with this disease. Then how long can I live without treatment 14% kidney function? In the following article, you can get answer.

Let’s first analyze the illness condition for patients with 14% kidney function.

14% kidney function left for patients means your kidneys have been damaged very severely, and kidneys fail to work adequately. In this condition, you may suffer from some severe symptoms or complications, like severe swelling, difficult breathing, heart problem, nerve problem, and so on. In this condition with 14% kidney function, patients can be very dangerous without taking any treatment. Because any severe complications can cause dead, such as difficult breathing, sudden heart attack, etc. In order to improve the life expectancy of patients, we advice you taking alternative treatment.

What should be effective treatment for patients with 14% kidney function?

Dialysis is the most suggested treatment when kidney function is less than 15%, however, if patients don’t have severe breath problem or high potassium level in blood, we suggest the natural alternative treatment, which is the featured Toxin-Removing Treatment. This treatment can help remove toxins and wastes out through increasing urine output, bowl movement and sweating via skin system, thus can help clear blood. Then some of the severe symptoms like nausea, vomiting, skin itching, high blood pressure, etc, can be relieved effectively. In addition, the natural Chinese treatment also has function of repairing damaged renal cells and improving renal function.

Once the kidney function can be improved, you can improve your life quality, and live a better life. Therefore, no matter how serious your condition is with the kidney disease, you should be confident. I believe you can get a right and effective treatment to enjoy a new life. Want to learn more from us, contact with e-mail, or whatsapp +8613633219293. We will do best to help.

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