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What Questions Should I Ask When I Am Diagnosed with CKD

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What Questions Should I Ask When I Am Diagnosed with CKD“I am diagnosed with CKD. And I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. What questions should I ask my doctor?” I find the question on my facebook account. If you have the similar question, let’s see the following passage.

CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) is a progressive disease over time. Due to strong kidneys compensatory ability, patients are most asymptomatic when kidney damage is in the early stage. Of course, more and more symptoms also will occur along with development of illness conditions. Therefore, in order to learn your current conditions well and get correct treatment, the following questions you must know.

1. What is the primary cause of your kidney problem?

Answer: so far, high blood pressure and diabetes are two leading causes of kidney disease. Other possible causes may include infection, low immunity, genetic disorders, etc.

2. What percent of kidney function do I have now?

Answer: according to GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate), chronic renal disease is divided into five stages as below.

Stage 1 CKD: GFR>90ml/min Stage 2CKD: 60≤GFR≤89

Stage 3A CKD: 45≤GFR≤59 Stage3B CKD: 30≤GFR≤44

Stage 4 CKD: 15≤GFR≤29 Stage 5 CKD: GFR< 14

3. What are my lab test results right now?

If you find that your creatinine level, BUN level, uric acid level, hemoglobin level, potassium level, etc are higher than the normal range, then, you should ask your doctor related solutions or treatments.

4. What can I do to keep my kidneys working as long as possible?

Actually, what treatment plan you can take depends on your current kidney conditions. Generally speaking, kidney disease requires patients to have friendly-kidney diet plan, healthy lifestyles and medical therapies. If you want to learn more details, you can email to us at and I will tell you more options rather than dialysis or kidney transplant.

I just list some common questions. There are still other questions you need to know. For example, what treatment can I get for my symptoms? What are the nest steps for my treatments? Will I need dialysis or transplant?

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