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New Lifestyles for Kidney Disease Patients in New Year

2015-12-29 16:08| Font Size A A A

New Lifestyles for Kidney Disease Patients in New YearNew Year is around the corner, which is really excited for lots of people. For patients with Chronic Kidney Disease or Kidney Failure, they also can enjoy the festival as long as they can obey the following lifestyles.

Let’s see new lifestyles for kidney disease patients in this new year!

Kidney-friendly lifestyles are the most basic and common sense that kidney disease patients should keep in their mind. Generally speaking, daily Diet, exercises, work, life habits, recreation, etc are included in lifestyles. To having a happy and healthy new year, it is important to do some changes for patients’ life styles!

1. Dietary restrictions

A balanced eating plan plays a significant role in protecting residual renal function. In order to reduce kidney extra burden and prevent malnutrition, patients are generally required to have the high-quality protein food, low-salt diet, low phosphorus food, low potassium diet, and high-vitamins intake. Of course, different patients have different requirements. As for an individualized diet plan, you can contact with our Online Doctor directly!

2. Exercise

During the festival, patients should still insist doing some mild more moderate exercise for strengthening immune system. Try to stay active. If you’ve been sedentary in the past, talk to your doctor about starting a mild exercise program. The key is to start slowly and build up gradually. Besides, you also can invite some friends to walk and talk with you!

3. Avoid smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking alcohol or beverages contains caffeine can make kidney disease worse by working against you if you are trying to slow the progression of CKD. Therefore, it is better to choose some fruit or vegetable juice or water to replace alcohol.

4. Prevent tiredness or fatigue

It is important to let patients get enough rest. Because due to kidney damage and low immunity, patients can feel tiredness easily. Therefore, it is very critical to arrange the daily schedules during the festival. Besides, please don’t stay up!

According to the above tips, we sincerely hope all kidney disease patients can have a happy new year with their family! Happy New Year! Any questions, please remember to contact with us: or leave a message below directly!

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